Healthy lifestyles: from theory to practice – Lifestyles & Health Literacy – HeLiCa Summer Academy boot camp

Curso de Formação Estilos de Vida e Literacia para a Saúde: da teoria à prática (MC-EVLSS) (Healthy lifestyles: from theory to practice – Lifestyles & Health Literacy – HeLiCa Summer Academy boot camp)




The Healthy Lifestyles Academy (HeLiCA) is a joint effort between several institutions (national and international) and is designed to contribute to sustainable living in the midst of an ecosystem crisis. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 is an example of how relevant today is the shift from our traditional perspectives in the adoption of a new ethos and praxis in relation to the human experience. Analyzing risks, reducing risks and ensuring risk containment approaches is an undertaking for the whole of society and for all governance bodies. But it is necessary to go further than the risk management perspective suggests.

Promoting health and proactively engaging the resilient individual is the sustainable approach to be unleashed. In this sense, the perspectives of one health, which includes health promotion, become extremely important for future health actions and policies. Although recognized today as a priority topic on the agenda, sustainability and lifestyles need different reflection in the era of globalization. From the point of view of the ecological footprint, resulting from the lifestyles adopted on the planet, incipient and contradictory approaches today fill a wide spectrum of opinions, leading to the need to increase health literacy.

A comprehensive and integrative approach is lacking because, most of the time, this discussion is anchored in the field of disease without due research and due validation of knowledge in the creation of health. Today, these issues are amplified by the information society, being amplified almost instantly by the digital world, reaching a vast number of consumers, prosumers or indifferent people, in the blink of an eye. Consequently, health promotion and health education in the context of public health are the cradle to nurture the dual scientific approach to lifestyles and health!

This course – Lifestyles and Health Literacy: from theory to practice (MC-EVLSS) – aims to explore the role of that health literacy has in terms of lifestyles. This micro-accreditation (10 ECTS) is the first level of an academic program that, to be developed at three levels, aims to support the differentiated deepening of this articulation between lifestyles and health. Thus, in the case of its implementation, the credits obtained can be validated in subsequent levels (such as the Postgraduate Diploma in “Lifestyles, Literacy for Health and Sustainability” (HELICA PG) more information here).

Information about the HEalthy LIfestyles & Health Literacy Chair Academy(HeLiCA) can be found online here.


This course is provided by a consortium involving several institutions (national and international), designated HEalthy LIfestyles & Health Literacy Chair Academy(HeLiCA). Its aim is to contribute to a sustainable life in the midst of an ecosystem crisis, and corresponds to 10 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) . The predominant scientific area of the course is Health (CNAEF: 720), Social and Behavioral Sciences (CNAEF: 310).


  Eligibility criteria

Candidates with bachelor’s degree, licentiate degree or legal equivalent in the areas of knowledge that integrate health, social sciences, social protection, education, humanities and related areas.



The programme is scheduled to start on July 5th 2022 and to end on July 11th 2022. Lessons will be taught in English on a weekly basis (Monday to Friday) from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, in a mixed distance regimen and/or blended-learning configuration. After the Programme, the students will be required to develop an individual work to be concluded until September 9th, thus completing the total hours of individual work. The final schedule for the programme will be approved and disclosed before the beginning of the course, after approval by the President of ESTeSC.



Admitted candidates must register (only online) at


► Jury

President: Luís Ângelo Saboga Nunes (Programme Coordinator)

Member: Ana Paula Monteiro Amaral (Programme Coordinator)

Member: Hélder José da Silva Simões



– Application: until June 13th, 2022;

– Posting of the admission list and the provisional ranking list: until June 19th, 2022;

– Complaints: until June 20th, 2022;

– Decision on complaints/final ranking list: until June 27th, 2022;

– Enrolment and registration (only online): from June 28th and 29th 2022.


Course fees:

Application fee: 75€

Registration fee: 75 €

Tuition: 150 €



Provisional serial lists and final lists approved by the IPC are made available through the academic management computer platform (NONIO –, accessible to candidates through the application area.


Enrolment and registration

Enrollment and registrationt are carried out exclusively online through the academic management computer platform (NONIO –


After enrollment and registration is fully completed, the participant may apply for a scholarship. Please inquire for specific conditions of HeLiCa scholarship program).  Need more information? Please contact us here or call us on (+351 914747066)


►Important information

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