Student Mobility

Welcome to the information webpage for Erasmus+ Incoming students!


Our institution warmly welcomes students seeking study or internship mobility opportunities, including research internships, from higher education institutions with which we have established inter-institutional agreements. Prior to reaching out, interested students should verify whether their institution has an existing Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) with ours. You can review the map of agreements HERE.

We are open to considering the admission of students from institutions that do not have a pre-existing agreement with ours. However, the initial contact must come from representatives from the international relations office. Instead of sending emails, we strongly recommend institutions to check our Year-Round Calendar and directly Schedule a ZOOM Meeting with us

Any direct inquiries from students without prior nomination or contact initiated by their university’s international offices will not be considered or responded to.


Nominations are undertaken solely via our ONLINE NOMINATION FORM and exclusively by students’ university international offices.

Deadlines for nomination: 15th July for the winter semester, 15th November for the spring semester

Nominations automatically reach our corresponding area of studies’ Academic International Coordinators for assessment and acceptance decisions. Afterwards, accepted students will receive instructions to schedule a mandatory ZOOM meeting with our International Office, which will guide them through our online application process and other requirements. This meeting ensures a clearer understanding of what is expected from them and also fosters a more personal application experience.


Unfortunately, we do not provide student halls of residence. Students are responsible for arranging their accommodation in Coimbra, Portugal.

To seek assistance with accommodation, you can reach out to the Erasmus Students Network:

● Website: ESN Coimbra
● Facebook: ESN Coimbra

Additionally, specialized platforms help International Students find accommodation:


Please note, our institution isn’t affiliated with these platforms and isn’t responsible for any issues. Additionally, the international office doesn’t act as a mediator between students and these platforms.

Important Note: It’s unwise to make payments for accommodation or travel expenses before obtaining the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement signed by all three parties involved: the student, the home institution, and the host institution.